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It is time to convert your hobby to business. Monetize your website and start making real money.


Advertise with a leading local online advertising agent and let your customers experience an awareness campaign that would eventually translate to profits.

Cross-platform Advertising

We meet your need if it finding targets audience on all devices.

Competitive CPM

We are rated above the average in CPM ranking.

Customization of ad units

Increase your CTR with native ads duplicating your website style.

Arrays of targeting options

Target by OS, GEO, device, network types etc.

Support of all formats

Reach your audience with video, native and banner ads.

Brand safety

All of creatives provided by our advertisers go through the manual moderation.

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Frequently Ask Questions

These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about services and supports on Galleria.

What is Galleria?

Galleria is a one-stop site for Merchants and service providers to sell their products or their services, Advertisers to advertise their items, and Publishers to monetize their website.

I have technical problem, who do I do?

If you have technical problem, create a support ticket in your dashboard and one of our technical support staff will get in touch with you within a short period of time.

How do I become a Publisher?

One of the core services of Galleria is digital ads services. You can convert your passion to money by enrolling as a Publisher, create ad unit, place code on your website and start making money. Enrollment as a Publisher is free.

What language are available?

Galleria is only available for english language speakers for now.

Can I use a phone number or email twice?

You must use unique phone number and email address during registration.

Is Galleria free?

Galleria is free. Merchants can register and quote their products and services for free.

Advertisers can register for free. and start creating ads. Publishers can also register for free and start making money from their website.

About us

Galleria is the top Africa Merchants Site. Media Publishers trust Galleria to deliver their digital advertising, delivering more than 1 billion impressions delivered on over 26 million devices..

If you have inqueries please email us at